Our Products

GaiaLens ESG Analytics Platform

We aim to simplify ESG for investors using technology. The GaiaLens platform is comprised of a suite of tools to help investors fulfil their ESG needs including portfolio reporting, investment screening, and deep-dive research capabilities.

At its core, GaiaLens is a data-driven product that compiles and analyses structured and unstructured data sets, as well as traditional financial data sets to ensure that all ESG-relevant data on more than 17,000 public companies are gathered, measured for consistency and transparency, and scored in real-time across the E, S and G pillars.

We handle both equity and debt securities.


GL Scores

Detailed ESG Scoring

Real-time, data-driven and transparent ESG scoring analytics platform for portfolios and stocks worldwide. 



Real-time ESG News

Real-time ESG news service, allowing investors to track ESG incidents and gather the latest available company data.


Integrated ESG Datasets

Integrated ESG data solutions tailored for you via: 

- Datarade

- Snowflake

- EagleAlpha

- RapidAPI


AI Driven Data

GaiaLens optimises explainability to enable users to drill into and fully understand the detail behind the numbers. GaiaLens’ proprietary algorithm enables the system to aggregate a massive volume of data in order to calculate overall ESG scores.

Much of the focus within ESG investing tends to be on the Environmental pillar but GaiaLens' holistic approach has exactly the same level of commitment to ensuring robust, multi-sourced, real-time scoring for the Social and Governance pillars.

GaiaLens calculates the dynamic materiality of ESG themes at the industry level to track structural changes as they take place.

GaiaLens uses Machine Learning to engineer innovative proprietary features such as diversity metrics and uses Natural Language Processing to analyse and absorb news streams into its analytics platform.