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AI-Powered ESG Analytics Platform

'An automated ESG analyst team at your fingertips.'

We aim to simplify sustainable investing using technology. The GaiaLens platform is comprised of a suite of tools to help investors fulfil their ESG needs including portfolio reporting, investment screening, and deep-dive research capabilities.

The ESG Analytics Platform is our flagship product and includes access to our 3 main dashboards:

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The Portfolio Analysis Dashboard is where investors can upload a portfolio in seconds and start comparing its ESG performance against a chosen benchmark - portfolios can then be easily updated going forwards. It also flags any ESG Controversies that are taking place concerning their portfolio companies.

ESG Platform Tools

Our platform acts as an automated ESG analyst team which supports investors throughout the whole ESG investment lifecycle and saves them a significant amount of time.

Data-driven Measurement 

At its core, GaiaLens is a data-driven product that compiles and analyses structured and unstructured data sets, as well as traditional financial data sets to ensure that all ESG-relevant data on c.20,000 companies are gathered, measured for consistency and transparency, and scored in real-time across the E, S and G pillars. We handle both equity/debt securities and have environmental data on > 3.5 million private companies.

Powerful Integration

The GaiaLens platform can also integrate and process data which is not currently in our system for example data from private companies, real estate assets and infrastructure investments. We are ESG data experts and can easily handle new data which can then be used to calculate ESG scores and presented on our ESG Analytics platform.

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