Cutting Edge Machine Learning,
Socially Responsible (ESG)

Company Profile

GaiaLens is a FinTech group launched in 2021 and uses cutting edge machine learning (ML) for institutional scale, Environmental investing that is also socially responsible (ESG).


We are a group drawn from elite academics (London University) and Finance professionals. We believe that economic value creation can and should be combined with environmental stewardship, social inclusion and sound governance.

Our platform allows asset managers and asset owners to invest in companies with strong green credentials, led by responsible individuals. It allows investors to invest in socially responsible, environmentally sounds companies while avoiding "green-washers".

At a time when CO2 concentrations have reached over 400ppm in the atmosphere, almost double pre-industrial levels, and modern slavery has been identified in the supply chains of major western retailers, GaiaLens can unpick the noise around these issues to provide objective direction for major investors.